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Why Do I Keep Losing My Voice?

It seems logical that a professional singer might lose their voice or even an auctioneer, but why do I keep losing my voice? Let’s attempt to answer this question.

Laryngitis And Its Causes

Laryngitis is an inflammation of the voice box, or the larynx, from overuse or infection. If you have laryngitis for more than 2 weeks, you should make an appointment with an ENT specialist like San Francisco Voice and Swallowing in San Francisco, CA.

Getting a hoarse voice is pretty common. Doing a lot of yelling at a football game, constantly talking loudly over machinery at work, or being a lawyer, teacher, or salesperson can also contribute to losing your voice. Even having the common cold can make talking more difficult with post nasal drainage causing hoarseness.

Other Ordinary Issues That Can Lead To Laryngitis

Long term laryngitis can be caused by breathing an irritant like smoke or chemical fumes. A yeast infection of the vocal cords can occur if you frequently use an asthma inhaler or suffer from immune deficiency.

Similar to getting nosebleeds in the winter, a dry environment can increase the incidence of hoarseness.

Whether your voice loss is caused by illness or excessive use of your voice, you typically get laryngitis when your vocal cords become inflamed and swell. This prevents the vocal cords from vibrating as they should.

Frequent voice loss can indicate an underlying abnormality. If you lose your voice regularly and it doesn’t come back within a few weeks, it is time to see San Francisco Voice and Swallowing.

More Serious Causes Of Laryngitis

If it seems you lose your voice more than normal, it could be due to nodules, polyps, and cysts on your vocal cords. In addition, 90% of people with Parkinson’s disease get some form of voice disorder.

Watch out for pain in your ears, pain when you swallow, trouble breathing, or a lump in your throat. These signs can signal throat cancer.

Tips To Prevent Hoarseness Or Laryngitis

Try the following tips to lessen the incidence of hoarseness:

  • Add humidity in your home especially during the winter months. Your vocal cords dry out when you sleep.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Resting your voice seems like a “no brainer,” but concentrate on talking less.
  • Try some home remedies like a Neti Pot, tea with honey, and nasal saline.
  • If you have a lot of mucus with a sore throat, purchase some OTC meds like Mucinex®.

If you seem to lose your voice frequently, or if your laryngitis or hoarseness lasts for several weeks, contact San Francisco Voice and Swallowing at (415) 839-8639 or request an appointment online.

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