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Care of the Professional Voice

Slight changes can lead to significant effects when voice quality and reliability are crucial. Whether it’s the common cold, a subtle change to the speaking voice, or inconsistency in a few notes in your high register, we understand that no concern is trivial when it comes to ensuring the health of your voice. We are uniquely equipped to manage issues specific to professional and semi-professional voice users - from salespeople and teachers to nationally known vocalists and voice-over artists.

The evaluation, diagnosis, and management of voice complaints is highly individual and often require advanced diagnostic testing. Our team will work with you to identify the causes of the problem and develop a treatment plan, whether it be medical treatment, behavioral management, or surgery.

In addition to treatment for voice complaints, we also offer baseline vocal health examinations. This information can be especially beneficial for early career voice professionals. Good vocal hygiene and efficient voice use will help preserve your voice for the demands of a long career.

Care of the Professional Voice

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