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Transgender Voice and Communication

Voice and speech are critical components of one’s personal identity.  Because of this, being misgendered based on voice can be devastating. It is our goal at San Francisco Voice and Swallowing to help our patients find their authentic voice. There is much more than the pitch of the voice that contributes to gender identity, including intonation patterns, word choice, and nonverbal communication.

Behavioral management is typically our first line treatment recommendation. Voice therapy can maximize ease and efficiency of voice, in an accessible pitch range that is more congruent with one’s gender identity. Communication and speech patterns are also addressed.

Surgical voice modification is generally considered only after behavioral modification has been maximized. Surgery can be performed to adjust pitch, as well as the appearance of one’s neck.  Rehabilitation after pitch modification surgery can be quite arduous. It is our strong conviction that our transgender voice patients require interdisciplinary care from our voice clinician and laryngologist to best achieve their authentic gender-affirming voice.

Transgender Voice and Communication
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